05 August 2013

Android Studio is a new IDE developing by JetBrains and Google together. It’s much better than Eclipse IDE and it’s more prepared for Android application development than it’s analogue from JetBrains Intellij IDEA.

But sometimes you get message “Waiting for device” trying to run your application on device just connected. Unfortunately, it’s a problem of adb (Android Debug Bridge)

If you continue to get such annoying message, try this recipe.

  1. Run adb devices, which is typically located under platform-tools directory of Android SDK.

  2. Check if output have following: List of devices attached c08084002767111 offline

  3. If so, just reboot your device (turn off and on then) and go to step 1.

  4. If it didn’t help, kill process adb fork-server server and reboot device.

It seems, that problem appear because of some bug in the adb. From time to time it is unable to determine if device was been connected or not. That way, it’s not a bug of Android Studio.

This one recipe works perfect for me on SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, problem appears and on 10-inch device. But I can’t reproduce it on Lenovo ThinkPad families.

Hope that info helps.

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