You may take a look at my LinkedIn Profile, but you should know, that currently I do best ever product (mobile app and site) for yachting and sea-lovers.

Moreover, I’m one of the founders of the MacBuildServer - hosted Continuous Integration service helping developers deliver their mobile iOS applications to customers and QA during development easier and faster.

Thank you.

Long story

I’m 25 y.o. and I spent more than half of my life creating software for different purposes.

When I was six, I’ve had my first PC. It was 80286, equiped with 12 MHz 16-bit processor and 640 kB RAM. It rans well DOS and lots of old-school (as we call them now) games. Once beautiful evening my father told me to write my first program, but I’ve had no thoughts on how to do that, and then he gave me a certain cook-book about QuickBASIC. That’s how it’s all started for me, when I was six.

First “Hello World” and First Macintosh

My first “serious program” was simple calculator, which read input from terminal — the operator first and operands next, one by one and display results.

And the first Macintosh model I had touched was the following one: First Macintosh Ive touched was Macintosh II

State of the art

Currently I deploy my software to Amazon Web Services, work on MacBook Pro 13”, use best industrial engineering practices and like it. Typically my daily programmer’s tool set includes things having following buzznames: Python, Java, Objective C, Android, Cocoa, Django, EC2, S3, HTMLJavascriptSCSS + Zurb’s Foundation, Angular.js and lot of HTML5 stuff.

Few years ago I’ve done a lot with Adobe Flash (AS3, MXML) and have loved it deeply. One of dev projects where I took part was this one – AlternativePlayer - online 3D-models viewer But unfortunately, Adobe became fagts and ‘killed’ their platform.

My passions

I’m proud to be software engineer (and enterpreneur).

I love math and computer science. My gods are Markov, Turing, Church, von Neumann. But the most interesting for me was been always “more applied” publications and works, undoubtedly impossible without great contributions of first ones, dedicated to the architecture of computers, OSes, compilers, distributed computing systems etc. These topics are my favorite ones.

Instead of just hacking I live in the process of continuously improving my skills in dev teams management, Agile methodologies, Lean Startup methodology and engineering practices.

Eventually I translate technical notes and publications to my native (russian) language and contribute to some OpenSource projects as developer.

I’m big fan of “creative micro-hacking-conferences” - hackatons and of remote working, being greatly adopted to work in distributed teams and acting as well as independent or as collaborative unit.

Modern software sucks and you know it. I make it to suck less.

My name is Vlad

Keep things simple, write code, make world better place.

Modern software sucks anyway.

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