24 August 2013

This post will help you to find UDID without iTunes in one single tap.

UDID is a short-name for Unique Device Identifier. It is a hex-string 40 characters length looking like 4d137be2e1730235f562b6f0cc9064094b831186 used by iOS developers to enroll devices for testing mobile applications for Apple iOS platform. It is like IMEI, which uniquely identifies phones inside the cellular networks, i.e. 3G, 4G, EDGE. Typically, UDID is generated value, depending of your device’s network address, serial number and may be some other parameters.

UDID is needed when you want to try some application, which is actively been developing or it is suited for in-house use only, as enterprise application.

How to find UDID of your Apple device?

You may use iTunes to find the UDID if you’re actually need it. But the better and easy way is to get helped by online-services developed for this purpose.

Take a look at UDID.io. This service provides you easy one-click UI to find UDID.

What d’you need first is to open the link get.udid.io on your iOS or iPad with Apple’s browser Safari.

Find UDID using udid.io - Main page

Then you should tap the green button “Get the UDID”.

Find UDID using udid.io - Main page

Next you should install certificate, so Safari could once show your UDID. Tap “Install”, then once more on appeared dialogue.

Find UDID using udid.io - Main page

And voila. On the screen would appear UDID of your iDevice, it’s IMEI and then Serial number at the bottom of the page.

Find UDID using udid.io - Main page

Now tap on the UDID and copy it into your clipboard. Send it to your developer to get your device registered and enroll in beta-testing.

How to find UDID with iTunes?

At first, be prepared. Connect your device to laptop or desktop with iTunes installed. To find UDID you should open Look how it looks like iTunes:

Look how it looks like

Click “iPhone” on the top right corner of the screen.

Look how it looks like

Click on the “Serial number” text.

Look how it looks like

Expand context menu right-clicking on UDID and choose “Copy UDID”

Look how it looks like

Now your UDID appear in your clipboard, and you may paste it in the message to your developer or register your device through Apple Developers Portal by yourself.

Thank you

I hope this post has helped you.

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