06 August 2013

Few days ago my attention was caught by crate.io. Crate.io offers new kind of Python package index. It’s very similar to PyPI but looks more modern.

At first it has pretty look of packages descriptions and lightweight UI made with Bootstrap. In addition crate.io shows you great stats about packages, including total downloads count, downloads count per package version, downloads by date and time.

Look how it looks like

Some packages like SQLAlchemy annotated with labels showing if the package goes with ReadTheDocs documentation, deployed to PyPI, meets PEPs. PEPs are gracefully explained, and package page looks very informative, clean and easy to use. You may easy navigate to package history info or license affecting the package.

Another one pleasant feature is multi-language support. In other words, crate.io is “more usable” PyPI. However, crateio’s Twitter is keeping silent since March.

I’m working on the tool which may drastically increase usability and utility of crate.io for OpenSource developers, but I have no thoughts on how to touch author of this project or it’s contributors.

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